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Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) is a must-have test for the safety of your house.  You’ll have the capability to resolve your plumbing issues before they increase home damage.  Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) will also give you the assurance that your pressure regulated water lines and drain pipes are functioning correctly.  If your home has low water pressure, undesired water, mold, or a leaking pipe that’s visible, you could see benefits from a leak detection (Riverside, Ca) service.

Our customers around Riverside & San Bernardino County, CA are often hounded by leaking pipes.  The expected regularity of our Southern California weather combined with the frailty of historical architecture oftentimes takes a toll on city plumbing pipes.  Jim & Sons Plumbing & Rooter has been providing professional plumbing repair services for almost 40 years.  If you sense your home could benefit from leak detection (Riverside, Ca), please don’t delay making an appointment. can check out Jim & Sons Plumbing & Rooter special offers and contact us today to schedule an appointment or call now at (951) 248-9134. If you would like to know our process and advantages of leak detection (Riverside, Ca), please read our guide below. This guide provides lots of information on our pipe leak detection (Riverside, Ca) service.

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Water Pipe Line Leak Repairs California


Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) is the ability to find leaks in water pipes.  There are 2 kinds of plumbing piping in your house.  The kind that are pressurized, and the unpressurized type. Under pressure pipes send water to your house and your plumbing fixtures.  Under pressure water piping include the water main on the exterior of your house, and even the hot and cold-water piping inside your house.  Unpressurized pipes are also called drains.  Drains carry wastewater from your plumbing fixtures such as your shower, bathtub, sing & toilet. These pipes then send this water to the city for treatment.

Both pressurized pipes and drains can spring leaks.  Leaks to your pressurized water pipes are normally easy to find.  A pressurized pipe is constantly running with water which makes any leak constant.  Leaks in drainpipes are harder to locate.  Unpressurized drains pipes are oftentimes not carrying water in them.  A leak in a drainpipe will only be visible when the drains are being used.  Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) is advantageous for finding the location and severity of leaks for both kinds of your house’s plumbing.  This valuable service is executed for preventative reasons and diagnostic reasons, which saves your home from mold, water damage, leaks, and weak water pressure.


Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) functions in several methods.  The method we use to find a leak depends on the kind of pipe being investigated. There are 2 main classifications of plumbing pipes in your house: pressurized, and drains.


Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) for under pressure water pipes is simple.  The first thing is to identify the exact location of the pipe you suspect leaks.  Then, that portion of the pipe is segregated to see if the leak continues.

You can also find the precise spot of a leak utilizing an acoustics test.  During an acoustics test, a skilled leak detection (Riverside, Ca) plumbing contractor utilizes a special device to listen and determine where the leak is most profound.  An audible or meter system should be used to do this.  Starting at a valve or meter vault, the leak detection (Riverside, Ca) test, then follows the pipeline and looks to find where the leak is most profound.  This will tell you the location of the leak and might allow you to repair it in place.


Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) in a drainpipe is a bit more troublesome, and so there are a few methods you can use to accomplish this.  If you can see the pipe, the first step in the process is to locate any wet spots on or close to the pipe.  If no pipes are visible close to a suspect drain leak, the objective will be to see what drainpipes go through that wet area.  At this time, you’ll need for a video camera inspection and a drainpipe locating procedure to be performed.  A video camera inspection will pinpoint any visible abnormalities inside the pipes.

You should know that you can attribute leaks in drainpipes to larger problems at the sewer outside the house.  If your drains leak underneath your basement floor, it could mean a sewer clog outside.  Cast iron piping is a quality material and is good at evacuating and draining water.  Regardless, if there is a large quantity of freestanding water in the piping, water will escape.  This will result in unexplained wet spots including foul odors.  Because of this frequent issue, cast iron sewer pipes in mature homes will decay if it has settled (or was installed) in a way that permits water to collect in it.


Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) is used for preventative maintenance of your house, and a diagnosis resource.  Think of your house as an ecosphere.  When one part of the system is affected, more problems occur in a chain reaction.

Think about the following example.  A leaky hot water pipe leaks water into a cellar wall. This wet hollow wall starts growing threatening mold.  The leaking also slows your water pressure.  This then stops the shower and sink from working correctly.  Having low water pressure results in sediment being more likely to stay in the pipes because of inefficient water volume while draining.  The result will serious blockages and plumber phone calls.

Another instance are sewer pipes that leak into your front yard could be caused by a cracked pipe.  If not repaired, roots needing water will grow inside of the pipes.  The roots then open the crack more and decelerate the volume of your drain pipes.  This can cause a sewer backup and will inundate your sewer line with sewage.

While these cases are regrettable, they are not unheard of.  The home plumbing systems work together and are designed to operate in cooperation with one another.  Getting a leak detection (Riverside, Ca) service performed has many advantages such as:

  • Preventing Mold
  • Preventing Water Damage
  • Maintaining Highly Pressurized Water
  • Preventing Displeasing Odors
  • Preventing Sewage Clogs
  • Preventing Costly Water Bills

Generally, it is frequently more cost-beneficial to repair leaks than paying to fix the destruction it causes.  You can’t make an appointment for emergencies; however, you can schedule to prevent one.


For many owners of homes, a regularly scheduled preventative plumbing checkup is a beneficial investment that gives you peace and assures your health.  Utilizing the various methods of leak detection (Riverside, Ca) and technological tools at our disposal, we ensure that the plumbing of your home is in exceptionally good shape.  If any issues are found, we can fix them before serious damage occurs.  

Still, for a few, this standard of service won’t work for their finances or schedule.  It is true that the pipes in your home are normally very resistant and can survive reasonably problem free for several years.  Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) then, must be taken care of once problems are suspected.

Leak detection (Riverside, Ca) must be completed when you notice:

  • Costly Water Bills
  • Weak Water Pressure
  • Mystery Wet Spots
  • Strange Displeasing Odors
  • Mold Close to or Under a Pipe
  • Unexpected Green Plots of Grass
  • Constant Audible Dripping from Piping
  • Consistent Visible Dripping from Piping


If you have a suspicion there are leaking pipes in your house or yard, we can assist.  All pipes can be repaired. Jim & Sons Plumbing & Rooter is an experienced leak detection (Riverside, Ca) plumbing contractor.  Utilizing various leak detection (Riverside, Ca) technological advances, we will find out where and why your pipe is leaking.  Consequently, we can guide you on the best plumbing repair strategies for your house and finances.  To schedule a leak detection (Riverside, Ca) service for your home, please CONTACT US or call us at (951) 248-9134.

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