Hydro-Jetting, the next level way to unclog and clean drains and sewer pipes

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As a homeowner, you will likely experience clogged or slow drains and sewers at some point. These issues can be caused by a buildup of grease, debris, and minerals in your pipes over time, or by foreign materials getting stuck in toilets and drains. While there are many ways to try to fix these problems, hydro jetting is the most effective solution.

Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to break up and remove sludge and grease from drainage pipes. We start by conducting a video inspection to identify the cause of the issue and locate any damaged pipes. Then we work carefully to remove the debris with as minimal impact on your home or property as possible. In this article, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into how hydro jetting works, and why it’s a great choice that the experts at Jim and Sons Plumbing can provide for your next project.


Most homeowners think that technicians can only use hydro jetting for commercial jobs. However, it’s also useful in fixing residential plumbing issues. Plumbers using this method can do jobs of all sizes. It can handle clogs that you can’t remove by snaking, such as grease and sludge build up in a residence.

Despite a common misconception, hydro jetting isn’t just for commercial properties. Many residential property owners have seen great success on plumbing projects with the help of hydro jetting. It can handle stubborn clogs that snaking and chemical treatments can’t address, and it’s tough enough to tackle issues caused by buildups of sludge and grease (which are notoriously hard to resolve).

Whether your pipes are affected by debris like tree roots or food waste, hydro jetting can easily resolve the clogs and get your plumbing back in working order. Additionally, it can be used on a number of different kinds of pipes, including:

  • Cement sewer lines

  • Steel and cast iron pipes

  • Ceramic pipes

  • Resin or newly formed resin pipes

Particulates made of soap, mud, grease, and sand can pass through pipes while leaving nasty residues that stick around long after the contaminants themselves have been flushed away. Without proper cleaning, this can lead to buildups and blockages that create unsanitary conditions where bacteria and foul odors can flourish.

Hydro jetting, as a result, is the easiest way to address the issues and restore the functionality of your plumbing system. A blast of highly pressurized water is safe and effective on pipes - tough on the blockages and gentle on the material the pipes are made of. And once the residue is clear, you have clean, working pipes without odors or malfunctions.


One of the most beloved aspects of hydro jetting (according to our customers) is how little mess the process leaves behind. When sewer lines have issues, for example, it’s often necessary to dig a trench in order to access the pipes. This is costly and time consuming, but hydro jetting can save the need for any digging. Simple access to a pipe’s clean out is enough for us to blast the high pressured water in and get to work.

Environmentally Friendly

Additionally, because hydro jets use nothing besides water and pressure, the results are much more environmentally friendly than other plumbing methods that may require chemical or mechanical techniques. Other than the contaminants the water is carrying away, the only runoff product is H2O - which won’t affect your property or landscaping the way a chemical agent might.

Long-Term Resolutions

Conventional plumbing procedures may clear blockages out for a time, but they can often overlook the root cause of the issue. The residue left behind by traditional plumbing methods can even lead to additional blockages forming in the future, which is especially troublesome on commercial properties that require more frequent maintenance.

Hydro jetting, on the other hand, will effectively flush out any remaining residue in your pipes through sheer force and pressure. Plus, since water won’t eat away at the surface of your pipes, you have more flexibility in what can be accomplished in a single job.

Best of all, hydro jetting is an extremely effective method for older properties with outdated pipes that may be more fragile or delicate. Since the procedure only involves water, you won’t need to worry about additional fixes making your plumbing problems even worse.

The Cleanest Dirty Job

It’s a no-brainer that plumbing can be messy, but hydro jetting is the exception to the rule. Your professional plumber at Jim and Sons will recommend hydro jetting for residential and commercial projects due to how much more sanitary the procedure is compared to many other traditional plumbing techniques.

With traditional methods, the chances are much higher that your plumber may contact sewage, debris and other unsanitary materials that could be tracked around as the plumber does his work. Hydro jetting is both fast and highly sanitary, which results in less mess and a cleaner project for the plumber - a win/win for everyone.

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